Hey Pretty Lady pt. 36

Mc Barao



Project Denim Pair 2: Levis 501

My flatheads have now been officially retired,
so its back to square one once again.
Decided to do a budget project pair and what better
way than with levis 501 stf.  I got the non-selvedge variety
because I was not really familiar with the 501 stf fit being a straight
leg anti-fit (I’m more used to pairs that are more slim and taper down)
501 stf are known to shrink considerably both in the leg and waist
so I advise you to do your research to get the fit you want.

First initial soak, I did a combination of being in the pair so that the waist
doesnt shrink to considerably, and letting them soak on their own so I can
shrink the leg.

First impressions are that these pairs dont have as much weight as that of a
flathead and they also feel a little thinner.  The leg did shrink a good amount both
in length and circumfrence so the fit to me post soak feels more slim straight with out a taper.

I’ll post progression as time goes by


On Envy of Progress

too easy to fall in it
to hard to climb out


On Music and Noise

Music can be good sometimes
But at other times, it can provide a distraction
Noise can sometimes distraught
But at other times, are needed to motivate.
Balance of music and noise is key
Never settle, always move forward


Hey Pretty Lady pt. 35

Levy Tran


I really find

A girl that is very healthy looking
to be utterly sexy.
So I was having a field day with the olympic
especially beach volleyball.
May I say Sports bras are very hot


I’m Getting More

Into fitness and a healthy lifestyle
Hopefully I can keep this up
I’m really liking it.
One step at a time