And Thats a Wrap….

As a customary thing I do,
after every significant period of my life ends
I end a blog and start a new.  The first rendition of this
blog was started back in high school on a myspace blog.
This is version 2 and was started 1,476 days ago on November
29, 2008.  I’ve always meant to use blogs and the blog format as
a way to track my growth as a person during the four years I was in
college and I feel the purpose is now done.  College was one the most
prolific experiences of my life and will never forget the people and the
memories I gained.  But as like I’m ending this blog that period is now over
and its time to pick up to move on.  Thank you to all who have ever read
hellanella. Hope I didn’t bore you too much

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for the last time



One response to “And Thats a Wrap….

  1. Here’s to another chapter of great experiences. Congrats Nikko!

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