Project Denim Pair 2: Levis 501

My flatheads have now been officially retired,
so its back to square one once again.
Decided to do a budget project pair and what better
way than with levis 501 stf.  I got the non-selvedge variety
because I was not really familiar with the 501 stf fit being a straight
leg anti-fit (I’m more used to pairs that are more slim and taper down)
501 stf are known to shrink considerably both in the leg and waist
so I advise you to do your research to get the fit you want.

First initial soak, I did a combination of being in the pair so that the waist
doesnt shrink to considerably, and letting them soak on their own so I can
shrink the leg.

First impressions are that these pairs dont have as much weight as that of a
flathead and they also feel a little thinner.  The leg did shrink a good amount both
in length and circumfrence so the fit to me post soak feels more slim straight with out a taper.

I’ll post progression as time goes by



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