At this moment

I’m pretty buzzed right now
playing beer pong and gaucho ball.
But, I’m in the mood on reflecting on the quarter so here goes.

To be honest, this quarter, out of all the quarters I have
done during my career here in spring quarter has been one of the most
trying quarters.  I didn’t have quite a heavy class load, but in all
I think this quarter has really pushed me mentally, physically, emotionally and
everything else that ends with ly.  I’ve gone through some major ups and downs this quarter. Considering giving it all up, seriously considering aderall to help me study, changed my career goals a million and one times.  I was emotionally pushed this quarter and it almost took me over the edge.

Now the quarter is over, and I have accepted that I have done the best the I could to prepare and do my finals.  I now how to rebuild, plan, and seriously structure
what I’m gonna be doing for the next couple of years.  It’s kind of scary.  Actually
I’m scared shitless. But It is what it is, and how its gonna be
Till I get There



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