Weekly Grade

Its funny that I’m writing this in the middle of this week
because  I’m recapping what happened last week. Anyways,
last week for lack of a better more suitable term was very draining.
I was more or less pulled in so many directions that it was kind of hard to
keep up with things.  The week was more sour than sweet and definitely pushed
my limits on certain things.  For one thing, dealing with people that are too caught up with themselves to realize anything and anyone around them.  Sometimes its best to realize your place and role within and certain space, a rank only shows your place in skill level and does not give you power to act superior to those that are less rank then you.  Respect is earned it is not given.
Last week was also a week where I seriously thought about my post graduate plans.  I think I’ve lived in a dream bubble to long to realize what was going on about what I’m gonna do after college.  It was pretty hard to take in the reality of things, but it is what it is, and honestly I think its good for me to realize this and work myself up then fall from some imaginary cloud I had myself riding.
My dreams are still alive but its a couple more stops down before I reach my destination.
Till I get there

weekly grade C+/B-



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