Weekly Grade

Week 6 was a tough week
I normally dont get stressed that easily but man
I was really pushed this week.  So many deadlines I had to meet
and so many things to do.  I’m really kind of worried about
my lab report.  I put a lot into it but, I really think my TA is gonna be
and asshole when he grades it.  I am really not feeling that TA, I tried to be
cool with him but something about him doesnt vibe with me, whatever just
trying to get through the quarter.  I’m now on catchup mode with some of my classes, but Its all good.  Weekend was pretty crazy, I dont think I can drink as much as I used too, I think thats a good thing.
Other than that, I’m in the warrior dance for PCC so I have to getting swol as Fuhhh in two months.
overall week grade is C+/B-
on to the next one



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