Busy, busy day
Lab and some meetings After
Recom was really chill today, went by
really smoothly and pretty quick.  The TA didn’t wasn’t that
annoying so it was cool.  I’m really digging my Recombinant professor. She
threw a class a potluck.  Never had that in a class before.
Chilled in the cross afterwards then went to a lecture my professor
was giving on how to get research positions something I need badly.
Afterwards I had meeting for Relay for Life, excited on starting the team up.
Going home though I started getting a huge headache because I didn’t eat much through the day.  By the time I got home the headache was worse.  I made myself some food and try to rest a little bit before I studied.  That turned out to be a fail as I ended up going to sleep.
I really need to seriously start grinding on school work



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