I haven’t written

A depressing end of quarter blog post in awhile
Just because, my end of quarter days have been actually
pretty good.  Since my last depressing post about ending the quarter (which
was I believe the end of sophomore year) things have actually improved
as I began to climb out of the hole I dug myself into with my grades during my
first two years in college.  This time however I’ve hit a snag, as this quarter
although relatively mild compared to the other depressing quarter posts, I didn’t achieve the goals  I set out for myself.  There were ambitious but I knew in my heart that they were achievable.  Maybe I loaded myself too much with extra things, maybe I just fooled myself during the final stretches.  Who knows.  But whats the same is that from this, those depressing thoughts about life has come back and I again question if I’m up to the challenge.  It seems my best wasnt good enough. So its back to the drawing board and back to digging deeper, grinding harder, and dreaming bigger



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