Thoughts on the NBA lockout

The set date of the start of the 2011-2012 NBA was
yesterday Tuesday Nov. 2, and as everyone knows
no games were played.
Now, I by no means am an expert in the current situation that is going on with
the NBA lockout.  I dont know whats going on with the CBA or the split with
the BRI or the views of the union or the demands of the owners.
But what I do know, and what I find a little bit unsettling is that its a fight between Millionaires and Billionaires.  A fight that for me, seems to boil down over
on who gets the money.  So really who loses?
The NBA players probably have enough to get by since most of them are millionaires.  The owners definitely have enough to get by since their pockets are so deep that you could get lost in them.  So who?
Its those unfortunate folks that make their earnings off basketball who happen to be neither millionaires or billionaires.  I dont think the custodian can do much cleaning if the arenas arent being filled? Waiters and waitresses probably wont make as much in restaurants that depend on people traffic from the games.
To me as a kid growing up idolizing these players, basketball was a dream.
What better way to make money playing the game you love.
But it is just that, a game.
Nothing is created, no one is cured.  Its  a sports game.
It just bugs me that rich people are arguing about money, and those
that dont have a say might and probably lose money.
end rant



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