So I was All Set

On building a budget road bike
with low tier parts and a no name frame.
But my dad with his extravagant ideas told me
Why build one that I’m gonna keep for only awhile and then
upgrade? Just buy a cervelo and keep it for a long time.
Guess I’m gonna be saving for a little bit longer
If not a cervelo rs, i still would like the leader 722rs decked out in SRAM

or a moots



2 responses to “So I was All Set

  1. hah, this has actually been a subject between a few of us… building a 2nd bike. A part of me wants to build a nice cx bike (low gear ratio) for commuting, but i know it’s going to get wrecked at school. Another part of me wants to build a ultra low budget bike–ie. abandoned frame and parts (low gear ratio)–basically a lockup bike. That’s probably the only thing budget building is good for–a lockup bike.

  2. yeah, and I heard that if you get a budget bike you’ll spend more on upgrades. So I figured that I should just start off with something good

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