The Dying Beast Within

pretty epic title huh?
But the content isn’t really that deep.
Anyways, in evaluating myself, I’m coming across
a recent trend within my character thats sort of changing
This is in regards to the subculture of “hypebeast” or
in a broader perspective “streetwear” .  I’ve always been a fan
of those brands that created a niche for themselves and establish a sort
of identity, and for awhile I was very entrenched within its sub culture
of exclusivity, graphics, messages, etc. etc.  But lately, it has come to my attention
that my whole attitude towards it is shifting.
Although, I still frequent the blogosphere on the current trends, I dont really get that excited anymore about the brands.  Although, I still might a tee here and there, the desire to “cop” has kind of faded away. Maybe its me getting older,
but,  I see myself now buying more into sense full casual wear then the latest
collabo project from streetwear.

although I’ll still buy J’s, that hasnt died yet



One response to “The Dying Beast Within

  1. That was a pretty epic title.

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