Don’t know What is About Today

But I woke up with an utter annoyance towards life
I dont know where to really pin point where this angst is coming from
but I’m assuming its a combination of a lot of things.
Firstly, It’s not really a big deal, but the internet at my apartment keeps going out. Time warner needs to eat a dick and fix their shit.
Secondly, I’m really getting tired of all this bull crap about leaving your dishes behind, and not even just the dishes.  Clean your shit man, stop leaving the freaking counter like its water world.  And why the hell do you need to fry two eggrolls with a gallon of oil, and then proceed to let the oil splash all over the stove.  You already caused one fire, why you trying to make another one?
Lastly, physics can go die, hate that shit.
rant over

[edit: as I was writing this, the internet went out. go figure]



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