In All Things Aside…

I feel that in a certain sense, and I speak for myself that
I  have been more than willing to hear out any suggestions.
And that although it is evident that negativity is present.
And I do attest that I am also guilty of this.
Considerations should however be set on our perspective on things.
Communication is very big in planning things out. And from the time things we
started way back in early winter, I feel  that there has been more than enough
time lotted for opinions to be addressed, and things to be suggested.
I do very humbly apologize if I offended anyone for things that I said or my actions
But look through it in my vision, and how frustrating it can be
to accomodate everyone’s needs and wants.
I know that we are all busy people, but it doesn’t work, when we are not being vocal
about what we want.



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