Reflections pt. 2

when it’s all said and done, the life of a cofee bean is a very reclusive one.
the time to make bonds is very short, in that the minute they are born and matured enough to the
rightful age of socializing they are whisked away to be sorted and packaged.
They dont attain enough skill in the art of converse because they spend too much time
within the systematic system of life that appears less and less to be life.
After they are packaged they are socially inept and to further their troubles they are in a see of clones.
Ending in the grateful battle for the sake of one.
sadness really, god bless those coffee beans



2 responses to “Reflections pt. 2

  1. i like coffee

  2. Ah parallels. Unless I’m reading too much. I really enjoyed this entry. =P

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