Hippos and Hipsters

Everyone is just against me today
Noone likes hippos who I think are pretty cool
Noone agreed with me today
And now they think I’m a hipster

What a day
Mae was cool



2 responses to “Hippos and Hipsters

  1. But isnt it hip to a hipster? who doesnt want to be hip? Oh but it is hip to be square…like face from nick jr, he was so cool. Sorry nikko, its no longer hip to be hip or a hippo.

    Lame things that start with hip:

  2. I did not say I did not like hippos; I said they were not cute. “Cute” is not really a word associated with hippos. Sorry Nikko =(. Tell you what, in tribute to your fondness of hippos, I’ll change Hamtaro to a Hippopotas, the “cutest” hippo I could find lol (fyi it’s a pokemon xD)

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