Oh caaaan you feel the love tonight

Gosh young love, before a brain rape of a midterm, is there anything in the world soo sweet?




One response to “Oh caaaan you feel the love tonight

  1. YOUNG LOVE?! YOUNG LOVE?! love is not something so easily found after what…like 3 months (just an arbitrary number of course.) Those two are not experiencing what you so lightly deemed “young love” my dearest Nikkolie. Maybe to the untrained eye these two look just cute and friendly but in actuality i see the true depth of their relationship. Their love is boundless, transcendent of age, judgment, stress, or comprehension from the common person. Unbeknowest to us these two have found their soulmates and i can see the look in both of their eyes that indicates that God has blessed these two individuals with eternal happiness. Let us all take in the glorious sight of true love

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