First Week Wonders

Back in the land of the tritons- awww that was lame, but anyways yeahh first week back to good old UCSD
and damn what an eventful one it has been
very interesting indeed
so lets recap shall we?

ahh the smell of the new quarter, good? ehh its ok nine o’clock ownes 8 o’clock classes any day of the forever.
From the looks of it math is gonna be once again a biig LAME, ehhh but now I come prepared.  Chem is sooooo boring no more Charizard. Hum is ok, but we read sooo much k thats the day
Oh, they have yogurt world and tap ex here now! oh what? daing
the chicken made me sick though, WACK

one of the relax days, just had discussion, and work which was not that bad
Kevin my friend from High School comes now cuz he’s a winter admin so yeah son, I get to chill with him now.

THE BUSIEST DAY EVER, Five classes, but only went to 4 because I forgot about Hum Discussion = FAIL
KP GBM once again, super good. Good to see everyone again, especially my ate, kind of missed her. Anyways
Theres alot of talk about the AS refrendum, so vote for it

Longest work shift ever 10- 3:30
soooo tired
and I come home to the Biggest FAIL in the history of FAILS, so like all week theres hasnt been reletively any hot water here in Challenger, so you might expect it to get a bit chilly, so while I was at work two guys came in my room to fix the heater, and like this is a busted old ass heater from the 60s so like it needs to boil water first to make any heat come out. Anyways apparently while they were working at it, the pipe broke and shot out a bunch of water everywhere. Coincidentally my desk is next to that water heater soooo all my crap got super soaked, damnnnnn
I better get paid back for damages

chill day and I made it to all my class, week 1 is done!  Its gonna be an interesting Winter Quarter



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